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Business Plan BootCamp is an intensive 30-hour seminar program for founders and CEOs of early-stage companies. Now, more than ever, entrepreneurs need to understand how the financial community will evaluate their business and need to be able to self-assess when their company is "investor ready". BootCamp participants learn from practitioners and university faculty about the trends in venture financing, how to prepare and present a professional investment-grade business plan, and develop an actionable plan for growing their business.

"Business Plan BootCamp is a first class program - I found the program's content to be rich, varied, and comprehensive. The final session, with a panel of VCs critiquing each participant's pitch for funding, proved a valuable exercise and perfect ending to a productive four sessions. Every entrepreneur can benefit from this experience." Karen Coburn, CEO and Founder Cutter Consortium, BootCamp graduate 2000

Program Objectives

Held over three weekends, the Business Plan BootCamp addresses the key strategic questions facing an early stage entrepreneur:

  • How will I obtain the resources to grow my business? Through self-funding? Venture financing? Strategic partnerships? Acquisition?
  • How do I identify target investors?
  • What do potential investors in my business want to know?
  • How do I develop and write the business plan?
  • How do I network and present my business to potential investors?
  • How will investors assess the current state of my business and business plan?

Working in small groups, participants interact with practitioners and university faculty to develop a plan that takes their business from concept to reality. At the conclusion of the program, each participant has an opportunity to present his/her business to a panel of venture capitalists and receive their critique and feedback.

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